Innumerous visa options are available for Australia. At SIGI, we manage the following categories among them:

  • Study

Whatever your field of study, a student visa (subclass 500) is required for you to pursue any academic courses in Australia.

Additionally, there are Student Guardian Visa available for those traveling to Australia for student care purpose, Training Visa (subclass 407) for those looking for training opportunities, and Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for students who have completed their studies and looking to work and stay temporarily.

If you are to pursue any short term study, a visiting visa is granted. The same is available for individuals on short visit to Australia for tourism or business.

  • Work

Many are the work visa options available in Australia. The major ones are categorized as below:

Skilled Migration Visa - Granted for workers seeking jobs requiring any specific skillset, in Australia.

Sponsored Work Visa - This visa is available, if you are sponsored through any state/ territory government agency or authority, or an authorized Australian employer.

Temporary Work Visa (subclass 401) -  This visa lets you stay in Australia on a temporary basis for any skilled position, or religious, domestic works, or to participate in high-profile sports competitions

  • Immigration

Permanent Resident Visa are granted for residents seeking permanent settlement and work in Australia. These visa holders can enjoy health coverage and many other related benefits.